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Cursillo celebrated 30 years in New Zealand in 2018.

It was gifted to the Anglican Diocese of Wellington in 1988 by the Diocese of Brisbane, Australia.

Cursillo in New Zealand is part of a world-wide Movement of the wider Christian Church which aims to “Change the Environments” through Christians who are committed to living and spreading the Gospel.

Today, this local Discipleship Movement within the Anglican Church offers a method by which our relationship with Jesus may be developed, lived out with the support and encouragement of others, and used by God to change the world about us.

The heart of Cursillo is a 3-day live-in event that presents a specific method for deepening and living out our Christian faith. Cursillo also provides a strong follow-up and support network of both small groups and wider gatherings for mutual encouragement.

“We are blessed in order that we may be a blessing for others.” (Gen 12:2)

Cursillo in the News

A new leader for Cursillo in New Zealand

Rainbows, Roosters, Butterflies and Renewal – see pages 8-9

History of the Cursillo Movement in New Zealand

The following documents provide some historical background to the introduction and spread of the Cursillo Movement in New Zealand:

In the Beginning… Anglican Cursillo in New Zealand – a history, written by Bishop Brian Carrell at the request of the Wellington Diocese Cursillo Secretariat to mark the 20th Birthday of Cursillo in New Zealand, September 2008.

Short History of Cursillo – a short history of the Cursillo Movement, tracing its growth and development, including its arrival and spread in the Anglican Church in New Zealand.

The History of Cursillo – a fuller history of the Cursillo Movement, from a New Zealand perspective.

kahukura magazine, September 2016 – special edition marking 20 years of Cursillo in the Diocese of Christchurch.

Other useful documents

“Rainbow” Flier – What is Cursillo? – a flier introducing the Cursillo Movement.

What is Cursillo? – an extremely brief outline of the aim and method of the Cursillo Movement, summarised from the National Episcopal Cursillo (NEC) library document of the same name.

A guide to the practice of Christian Spiritual Direction – written for the information of Cursillistas in the Anglican Church, New Zealand.

Cursillo Song Book – Cursillo NZ Song Book (in pdf format for use on mobile phones). This document is copyright and may only be used for Cursillo-related purposes.
NOTE: The internal hyperlinks may not work with the default pdf viewer installed on some Android phones. We recommend you use the Adobe Acrobat Reader App.

General Synod Report – Report of the Anglican Cursillo Movement in Aotearoa/New Zealand to General Synod Te Hīnota Whānui, 2018.

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