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Sponsoring a Pilgrim

Procedure for Sponsoring a Pilgrim for a Three Day Weekend
  • Supply a copy of the Rainbow Flyer to your prospective pilgrim (if they have not already read it).
  • Obtain and read a copy of the Full Sponsorship Set (listed below for download) comprising the Application Form as well as the pamphlets Introducing Cursillo and Procedure for Sponsoring, which can be obtained from your parish contact or area coordinator or otherwise from the Registrar (details below).
  • Read the pamphlet Procedure for Sponsoring to ensure that your pilgrim is suited to Cursillo and that you can fulfill your obligations as Sponsor.
  • Supply a copy of the Introducing Cursillo pamphlet to your prospective pilgrim to read or ask them to read it on the website.

    They have to acknowledge in the Application Form that he/she has read it.
  • Supply an Application Form for completion and lodgment back to the Registrar as soon as possible.
  • Explain to your prospective pilgrim that they are not accepted for any particular weekend until an acceptance is received back from the Registrar.
  • Following the 3 day weekend continue to support and pray for your pilgrim, introduce them to your Group Reunion and take them to the Day of Deeper Understanding.

Lorraine Jones



Full Sponsorship Set
Procedure for Sponsoring
Rainbow Flyer
Application Form
Sponsoring Leaflet Full Version
Introducing Cursillo