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History of Wellington Cursillo

History of the Early Days
The link below leads to a History of the early days of Wellington Cursillo which was compiled by Brian Carrell – our first Diocesan Spiritual Director. It merits reading as it gives a great insight into the early days and the enormous commitment of time and money put in both by the Australians who gifted it and the few Wellington Cursillistas who had already completed a weekend overseas and were instrumental in making the arrangements from this end.
Download History of Wellington Cursillo

Past Leaders of Wellington Cursillo Weekends
The next link leads to a list of all the Lay Directors, Proctors, Spiritual Directors and Musicians for all the weekends – again it is indicative of the commitment of Cursillistas to the movement, especially in the early days when the people available for these positions was limited.
Download Leaders of Wellington Cursillo 3 Day Weekends

Complete History of all 3 Day Weekends
We have now completed a complete history of all the 3 day weekends including the team, talk allocations, pilgrims and other weekend details. Please click on the various links to view these. They make great historical reading!