Why use a Spanish name for the Movement?

Out of respect for the Spanish founders of Cursillo, as a mark of honour and gratitude, and as a form of identification, some Spanish terms are still used. The name “Cursillo” is used world¬wide and simply means ‘short course’.

Why is it difficult to explain what happens on a 3 Day Cursillo?

Because Cursillo is primarily an encounter with Christ and because every person meets Christ in an individual way, the experience may be difficult to explain. False expectations may be built up if another person’s experience is taken ‘on board’.

Why do men and women have to go to separate Cursillos?

Because Cursillo looks at a personal and individual faith it can be helpful to be apart from a spouse who could unconsciously influence personal thinking. It has been found that people are less inhibited if in the company of their own gender. This is the only occasion in Cursillo when men and women meet separately.

Some say Cursillo is a ‘secret society’.  How does this criticism come about?

As much as possible we encourage those who attend a 3 Day Cursillo to speak openly about the programme and activities in which they have shared. The experience is personal and often difficult to explain and there is a danger that being “over-enthusiastic” can be threatening to others. It can place unfair expectations on someone who may wish to attend a Cursillo in the future. Therefore to be over-cautious can be construed as being secretive.

Why do people have to be sponsored for a 3 Day Cursillo?

Sponsorship involves adequately preparing a pilgrim for the programme and following through afterwards with support and encouragement. To just ‘turn up’ to a Cursillo would not ensure full benefit of such an experience. Committing themselves to a 3 Day Cursillo is not something a pilgrim should enter into lightly.

Some say that husbands and wives should go to 3 Day Cursillos close together. Is this essential?

Cursillo is an experience which is very special if shared with a spouse. If both husband and wife are mature, committed Christians they will want to be involved together. However, all marriages are different and people should make their own decisions with help from their Vicar or sponsor.

Does this mean that Cursillo is suitable only for married couples?

Definitely not! Single people (for whatever reason), as well as persons whose spouses are not involved, may benefit from and contribute equally to the Cursillo Movement.

What sort of commitment does Cursillo require?

The Three Days is an introduction to a method of Christian living. This involves being supported by a community of people who ideally share the same vision and have a desire to move out and reach people in the places where they are living and working. This will mean regularly meeting for support and encouragement. However, this should not interfere with other commitments but rather encourage more effective involvement where a person is already working.

How do I go about applying?

You can talk to someone who has already been to a 3 Day Cursillo and they will either be in a position to sponsor you or suggest what you might do. Or you can contact us directly.